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Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is an energy healing treatment method that uses hands and heart to help heal others.  This form of healing can help the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual parts of a person.  The practitioner channels Universal Healing Energy into the individual for relaxation and healing.  Sessions can last over an hour or more depending on the clients needs.  Reiki may be done on humans or companion animals.  Sessions can be done in the client's home or other pre-designated area.

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Meditation Circles

Do you have a small group of people interested in meditating together and looking for a leader?  Meredith is happy to host your meditation circle and cover techniques most important to advancing the group's practice.  Whether it is for general relaxation, Peace, and enhancing focus or to learn more about various meditation techniques like breath work, mantras, loving-kindness meditations, chakra clearings, meditations-in-action, sound healing, or meditations geared towards enhancing your connection to Spirit and Morther Earth - meditation circles guided by Meredith are tailored to fit the specific needs of your group.

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Reiki I Class and Attunement with Meditation Included

Do you feel called to align your-self with the healing powers of Reiki?  Are you interested in gaining access to this energy to aid in healing your-self, your loved ones and your environment?  If so, this Reiki I course may be what you are looking for.  In this course, we cover the history of Reiki, provide an introduction to a meditation practice for healers focused on the Usui Reiki Principles, hand positions for healing self and others, and a ceremonial attunement to this powerful healing energy.  The class also covers basic self-care techniques for the developing healer and guidance on how to handle energy exchanges.

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Essential Oil Information Sessions

Are you interested in learning how essential oils may help support your holistic health in body, mind, emotion, and spirit?  Allow The Healing Arts Studio and Meredith Cavanagh to host a free information session for you, your friends, and your community on the powerful plant-based medicine of essential oils.  These information sessions will have products to try from the Young Living Essential Oil Company.  The Healing Arts Studio is a Distributor of Young Living Oils (Distributor #3253550).

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Crystal Spiritual Healing Sessions

To connect even deeper to our Mother Earth and our Spiritual Journeys, The Healing Arts Studio offers crystal spiritual healing sessions.  These sessions are Reiki healing sessions that also draw upon the metaphysical properties of stones and other healing artifacts/ancient techniques to heal people who have certain energetic blocks and challenges along their path.  Other techniques used include ceremonial smudging, sound healing through bowls and rattles, feathers, and healing scents to provide clients with ancient healing methods to ease modern spiritual wounds.

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Do you want The Healing Arts Studio at your next community event?

The Healing Arts Studio is happy to provide its services to assist in any positive community event.  While there, T.H.A.S. can guide meditations, offer Reiki sessions, distribute essential oils, and/or hold workshops on local environmental/Earth projects like gardening or renewable energy techniques.

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Rev. Meredith Cavanagh

Reiki Master &

Holistic Minister Practitioner


(518) 819-8014

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