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Catskill Projects

Catskill Garden Project

Healing, Music, and Earth Awareness Festivals

The Healing Arts Studio participates in local Healing, Music, and Earth Awareness festivals and events.  We offer Reiki sessions, guided meditations tailored to the event, and services on environmental and spiritual awareness.  In the NY area, we participated in Aikido’s “Mind, Body, Earth Day,” Opus 40’s “Healing Psychic and Music Festival,” and Kingston’s O+ Clinic.


The Healing Arts Studio’s Catskill Garden Project took a .23 acre tiered, unused landscape and created an organic food garden.  We experimented with 3 different types of garden beds to grow tomatoes, beets, carrots, cabbage, eggplants, various peppers, and pumpkins.  We also decided to create our own Eco-friendly pest-solutions to balance the impact we had on our environment.  We promoted areas of refuge for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds by planting symbiotic fauna. Built into the landscape were also areas for meditation/solitude as well as spaces for hosting small groups and gatherings.


Meditation Circles

The Healing Arts Studio hosts meditation circles tailored to the level of the group.  Topics that may be included are breath work, mantras, chakra clearing, guided imagery, loving-kindness, or meditating with singing bowls.


Rev. Meredith Cavanagh

Reiki Master &

Holistic Minister Practitioner


(518) 819-8014

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