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About T.H.A.S.

The Healing Ars Studio was founded and is run by Meredith Cavanagh.  Meredith is a Reiki Master, Ordained Holistic Minister Practitioner, musician, and writer.  She is also a PADI scuba dive instructor and CPR/First Aid Trainer.  With a background in environmental science and human interactions, Meredith's life work has to do with increasing peoples awareness of how we as humans interact with our Planet and to provide information for people to use and live in a more sustainable way.


The Healing Arts Studio was founded in hopes to provide people with resources they may use to heal themselves through energy sessions, meditation training, and by providing a means to which people can creatively express themselves in a group environment - realizing that it is through healing each-other and building strong communities that creates a pathway to bring more Peace and Love to our-selves and our Planet.




Meredith has studied under various healers and musicians in Woodstock and other areas around the Upstate New York region.  She has become a Reiki Master, meditation guide, ordained ministed practitioner, and distributor of plant-based essential oils through her work done in this area.  Her newest project took place in Catskill, NY where she grew an organic food garden and learned to live in harmony with the local plants and animals of that area.


Meredith trained as a PADI scuba instructor and CPR/First aid trianer in Xcalak, Mexico.  In both Mexico and Belize, she held seminars on coral reef awareness in regards to the invasive lionfish species found off the coast of those waters.  Prior to her work in those countries, Meredith worked for the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on projects geared towards understanding the affects humans have on their environment and how to best mitigate those impacts.


Meredith offers Reiki sessions and meditation guidance to those who desire that form of healing.  The Studio also participates in healing and music festivals, conducts educational projects on health and earth sciences, and may host events for communities on these holistic approaches to individual and collective Peace and wellbeing.  Meredith also has a blog where she writes about energy medicine, her travel journey, and a meditative look on developing deeper connections and reverence for our-selves and our Planet.


To see more information on past or present T.H.A.S. projects or blog postings, visit The Healing Arts Studio's Facebook page or Tumblr account by clicking the icons below.


Rev. Meredith Cavanagh

Reiki Master &

Holistic Minister Practitioner


(518) 819-8014

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