An organization devoted to helping you holistically heal, connect with your-self, and live in harmony with each-other and
our Planet.

Healing brings unbalance into balance, disease into health.  Holistic healing means that this healing takes place in body, mind, emotion, and Spirit.

The Healing Arts Studio is a spiritual organization focused on providing people with resources they may use to heal themselves.  Healing occurs when the one seeking healing is ready and willing to make internal and external changes in their lives.  It is a dynamic process that helps to release suffering in body, mind, and spirit.  When the individual is healed, they do not inflict damage to their environment or seek conflict with other beings.  Living in harmony with one-another, healed people go forth in Peace to be Good Stewards of our Planet.


The Healing Arts Studio facilitates healing in a variety of ways.  The Studio's founder, Meredith, offers Reiki healing sessions, classes, and attunements; teaches self-relaxation techniques through meditation guidance; distributes plant-based essential oils that help support holistically healthy systems; and promotes people becoming aware of their environment through education on spiritual truths and techniques on sustainability to live in harmony with our Planet Earth.

The Healing Arts Studio understands the healing power of music and other forms of artistic and community gatherings.  Because of this, T.H.A.S. may host music meet-ups, attend healing festivals, and participate in environmental activities that bolster community life, cultivate creativity, and express reverence to our Mother Earth.

Rev. Meredith Cavanagh

Reiki Master/Holistic Minister Practitioner


(518) 819-8014


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